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About Me

For nearly twenty years, my education and experience has focused on the treatment of problems that many people face in their day to day lives. These problems are typically related to relationship problems, difficulty in adjusting to a major life change, and mental health issues.

I attended Darlington School in Rome, and pursued my undergraduate education at Sewanee, The University of the South. I graduated from Sewanee with a degree in Psychology. After working in Rome as a probation officer for a few years, I started work on my Masters Degree at The University of Georgia’s School of Social Work.

After earning my Master’s Degree, I joined the Social Work department at Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital in Rome. As a Social Service Provider, I worked with individuals on several adult mental health units. As an SSP, I provided counseling to clients who were in crisis. I also helped the clients, and their families, with discharge plans, in an effort to insure that they had access to the resources they needed when they left the hospital. As a supervisor in the Social Work department, I provided administrative and clinical supervision for several other staff members.

I earned a license as a Clinical Social Worker in 2010. Shorty thereafter, I joined the Case Management department at Cartersville Medical Center. My role at the hospital included mental health services to individuals in the Emergency Department. I also worked as a Discharge Planner for patients who were admitted to the hospital.

 After leaving Cartersville Medical Center, I decided focus my career on mental health. In 2012, I joined Anka Behavioral Health as and ACT Team clinician. At Anka, I provided in-home counseling to approximately 75 individuals who were at high risk for relapse and hospitalization. I also provided clinical supervision to several other staff members. My brief work with Anka showed me that individuals who were diagnosed with severe mental illnesses can live a happy, fulfilling life, when appropriate outpatient supports are available.

Anka Behavioral Health closed its doors at the end of 2012. At that time, I decided to join my father (Frank G. Pratt Jr., MD) in private practice at Gordon Behavioral Sciences, PC. At Anka, I leaned the value of effective outpatient care. Today, I am honored that I am able to provide outpatient services to those who are in need.


 Other Professional Interests

In addition to the services I provide through my private practice, I work as a Diagnostician and Therapist at Eastchester Family Services in Cartersville. I also work with the Bartow County Probate Court, The Gordon County Probate Court, and the Polk County Probate court as an evaluator for Guardianship proceedings.